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Winter 2021 Merged Courses

by Reiley Noe -

The following Winter 2021 courses have been merged.

Some cross-listed courses and courses with multiple sections are merged to help faculty administer classes more efficiently.

Merged Classes
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MUS 002J MUS 102J Batchvarova
MUS 002K MUS 103J Batchvarova
MUS 003J. MUS 071J Batchvarova
MUS 301J MUS 071J Batchvarova
MUS 003K MUS 073J Batchvarova
COM 163J CLA 163J Pittenger
HIS 251J CLA 251J. Pittenger
BSP 212J PHI 212J Carrell
CHE 185J CHE 185M Sullivan
GER 343J GER 234J Smith
MAT 121K MAT 121J Skiadis
BIO 185J BIO 185K Bruyninckx
ARTH 225J CLA 225J O'Neill
CS 328J CS 229J Wilson